The Ultimate Collegiate Dance Camp: Kickin' it with Rains!

If you are pursuing the coveted Red, White & Blue, then Intensive Dance Company's Kickin' it with Rains has the summer collegiate dance boot camp for you! Don't let this opportunity to learn to kick and dance the Rangerette way as well as enhance your knowledge of the Rangerette organization's expectations and traditions pass you by. Whereas our focus at KIWRains is set on the Rangerette experience, we cater to all collegiate styles and technique.  You can't go wrong with KIWRains!

 Kickin' it with Rains  Collegiate Dance Boot Camp is located in Henderson, Texas just fifteen minutes  from Kilgore College. Scheduled are 3-8 1/2 days of intense dance,  fitness, yoga, pilates and nutrition instruction as well as posture,  poise and presentation coaching.  Allow Cindi Somerville Rains and her  capable staff to educate and coach your collegiate Hopeful for what will  hopefully be the beginning of her college dance career.  

 Ms. Rains has served as the protocol  consultant for the World Famous Kilgore Rangerettes for several years in  various capacities. She is the graduate of  The Protocol School of  Washington. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the  University o Texas at Austin and a teaching certificate from the  University of Texas at Tyler. After 30 years of teaching British literature, technical writing, and psychology in the Texas  public school system, Cindi has retired and dedicated herself to KIWRains full time. She is the owner and director Intensive Dance Co.  studio and has trained up-and-coming Rangerettes as well as Rangerette  officers, Dallas Maverick Dancers, Apache Belles, Trinity Valley  Cardettes, and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. 

 KIWRains camps are located at Full Armor Christian Academy in Henderson, Texas.

Kickin' it with Rains Collegiate Dance Boot Camp Dates 2019


3-Day Jumpstart Camp  (limited to 20 Residents and 5 Commuters)    3/10/19-3/12/19

Must arrive between 5-6 PM on 3/9/19

Please no sooner unless you have scheduled a private lesson/choreography from 3-5PM.

$340.00 per Resident/ $280.00 per Commuter

2-Week Camp( limited to 25 Residents and 7 Commuters)      6/3/19-6/7/19 and 6/10/19-6/14/19

Must arrive between 5-6 PM on 6/2/18

Please no sooner unless you have scheduled a private lesson/choreography from 3-5PM.
$735.00 per Resident/ $675.00 per Commuter

1-Week Camp (limited to 25 Residents and 7 Commuters)          6/24/19-6/28/19 

Must arrive between 5-6 PM on 6/23/19

Please no sooner unless you have a scheduled private lesson/choreography from 3-5PM.
$455.00 per Resident/ $400.00 per Commuter

3-Day Polishing Camp (limited to 20 Residents and 5 Commuters)       6/30/19-7/2/19

Must arrive between 5-6PM on

Please no sooner unless you have scheduled a private lesson/choregraphy from 3-5PM.
$340.00 per Resident/ $280 per Commuter

NOTE:  If you need to stay at FACA during a weekend or in between other camps, you will need to call and make arrangements with Cindi, personally, so that she can have a staff member there.  Cost of the extra 1-2 day/s stay is $25.00 per girl.  

We can make a washer & dryer available for these special, extra days.  


RESIDENTS - Those who live further than 30 miles from Henderson.

~Will house/train in FACA gymnasium
~ Will be served breakfast and dinner
~Lunch is on your own.


COMMUTERS - Those who live further than 30 miles of Henderson

~will be at FACA gymnasium by 6:15 AM each morning
~Will be able to leave each night around 9:00/9:30PM
~Will be served dinner only
~Breakfast and lunch are on your own.


The  following is a tentative schedule of instruction during the camp days  for RESIDENT students. COMMUTERS will be offered dinner only. For an  extra $3.00 per breakfast, commuters may purchase breakfast with the  residents.


6:15-7:20AM = breakfast, weigh in and measurement: travel to first venue

7:30-8:20 AM = spin class/water aerobics

8:20-8:40AM = travel to spin class/water aerobics

8:40-9:30AM = spin class/water aerobics

9:30-9:45 = travel to FBC/FACA for weight/core/circuit training/Pilates

9:45-10:30AM = weight/core/circuit training/Pilates

10:30-10:45AM = travel to FACA

10:45-11:00 AM = break (snack, rest, & refresh)

11:00-1:00 PM = stretch and kick (combinations, technique, & stamina)

1:00-2:30 PM = break (lunch and rest)

2:30-3:00 PM = stretch and toning

3:00-3:45PM = ballet/jazz technique

3:45-4:00PM = break (snack and rest)

4:00-5:45 PM = solo/fitness night instruction/ direction/ critique or privation instruction

5:45PM-evening = Collegiate dance team traditions and expectations; rest, dinner

6:30-7:30 PM = either yoga or nutrition

7:30-10:00 PM = house duties or private lessons ; fitness evaluations and solo run-throughs

10:00PM = Wrap up with Q & A


KIWRains will also hold master classes during the week.  This is a part of the regular camp tuition.  It will also be open to others who want to attend but are not a part of the camp.

Their tuition will be $25.00 per student, per master class.

                                                                   CAN'T MAKE IT TO CAMP?

Perhaps,  you would like a private Saturday camp. If this is an option for you, give me a call to set up the dates!         903.646.3055

If you are truly interested in attending a  Kickin' it with Rains Collegiate Dance Boot Camps, please email or call TODAY to reserve your place.  You can download the contract, medical release, injury disclaimer and  the specifics for directions, when to arrive, what to bring, what to  expect, and most importantly, what to do between now and the camp to  ensure your preparedness. These forms can be found under student  KICKIN' IT WITH RAINS DANCE BOOT CAMP APPLICATION. A $100 non-refundable deposit for EACH camp will be  required along with your contract to reserve your place. Applications  and deposits are on a first-come, first-served basis. SPACES ARE  LIMITED! and are already filling up! Don't delay!

Registration Forms & Pertinent Camp Info

Follow the next 3 steps, and you're on your way to KIWRains!

1.  Download

2.  Print

3.  Send back via 



 *   Kickin' It With Rains

      302 N Van Buren

      Henderson, TX 75652

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KIWRains is more than just dance.
It's about a lifetime of friends.

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Meet KIWRains' Staff

Jami Friedman - Plano, TX

"I loved Kickin' It With Rains!  I made so many friends which made transferring into Rangerette Mini Camp and pretraining smooth and enjoyable."

Kaitlyn Reynolds -

Victor Olowo - Fitness, Nutrition & Motivation

As a registered nurse and trainer, Victor Olowo brings a vast toolbox of knowledge & skills to Intensive Dance Company & Kickin' it with Rains. Victor operates on the skill set that health is one's main priority and can be achieved through practical exercise, healthy choices, & increasing one's personal knowledge about her own body & needs. 

Victor is the official trainer for the Kilgore Rangerettes.

Lauren Alva - Fitness & Nutrition

Coach Alva brings to Kickin' It With Rains a vast amount of experience & knowledge of the world of sports. Lauren is the nutritional counselor & fitness trainer for Kickin'It WIth Rains.  As a proponent of being well rounded in health, Lauren dedicates herself to believing that "health is for everyone, and it is more than simply looking good; fitness is about feeling well on in the inside and looking healthy on the outside."  This is Coach Lo's 7th year to be a trainer for Kickin' It With Rains Collegiate Boot Camp.

Karen Mobbs - Water Aerobics Instructor

Karen Mobbs brings over twenty years of experience in areas ranging from collegiate-level coaching  to water aerobics instruction.  With a Masters of Education in Physical Education and a Masters of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology, she appreciates both the artistry of dance & the function of the human body.

Kasey Davis - Head Instructor

Kasey Davis has an impressive background in dance. She not only studied dance with Intensive Dance Company, but she has taken every class offered at Kilgore college with the greats such as Shelley Wayne, Tempe Kirby, and Angela Aulds. Kasey is currently a dance education major at DBU.

This is Kasey's 2nd year to be Head Instructor for KIWRains Collegiate Dance Boot Camps.